Death is a major factor in my dreams as of late. I seem to be watching myself, 90% of the time feeling myself, die. The most symbolic being a wolf dream i had, paralyzed, in.....white, a pure white room, if it was a room that is. It seemed like a white vast emptiness. 2 wolves in the distance fighting, one a beautiful white, the other a grizzled black. I would make eye contact with the white wolf from time to time, as if he was trying to speak to me, warn me even. The black wolf nearly killed me, my dream ended with, a very vivid feeling and vision, of the wolf mere millimeters from crushing my throat with his jaws. If i could just go there again, find the white wolf, would there be answers? Hmm.....
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Death represents the desire to "start over" Wolves represent freedom and chasing our desires. The black wolf and the white wolf - two different interpretations of freedom. Two opposing desires.

I go to the drug thing again (I been there and I know so many others are there all the time so don't take it personally please!)

Black wolf desire for the freedom you get from intoxication
White wolf the freedom from not being addiction - also desired.

Desires are conflicted. Subconscious has not made the choice yet which wolf it wants to be:)

That... is just weird. Good luck with your dream though