The Black King

I dreamed that I was a player on a chessboard. In fact I was more then a player, I had taken the role of the black king. I remember specifically that there was no black queen and that made me a little uncomforatable as if I were about to enter a game without the most powerful player on the chessboard. Around me was a large crowd of whom I represented or was supposed to represent. I don't know why I was representing them, I just knew I had been picked to represent them. When someone said something to the crowd I was standing in everybody cheered so that was my intiation and crowning so to speak. On the other side was the white team which consisted of church officials and they were leading the foray. A high priest or bishop was playing the role of the white king and he was dressed in some white ceremonial robes and he was wearing some type of hat. We never actually played the game or didn't play it the way I remember chess being played. We were just told to advance forward and represent our side. I advanced the furthest forward until I was only a space away from the church official scarcely understanding what I was doing. Then after he said some ceremonial words which I cannot remember, I walked backwards passing many squares, and rejoining the crowd with the other chosen representatives of the black chess squad.
holden713 holden713
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1 Response Oct 20, 2007

Very prophetic. Black is White and White is Black. Black is indeed missing its strongest piece in the Game. White rejoices at this ommission they have engineered and you rightfully feel vunerable. Where is the Black Queen indeed? You have been chosen, this is a great honour, so use it, ask questions, take the lead, which Great Empire in all of history has been without a Queen?