My Exs Dead Dad Wont Talk To Me

The dream starts off by having a shoot out in the road with cops. After killing somebody I start running and slide down a huge mountain on my belly to get away from the police. I jump into a river and start swimming until I come to a house. I get to the house and somebody I was with has to go ask for permission for us to come inside, almost like a kid having friends over without asking his parents first. I walk into the house and I see a bunch of my very close friends on a couch and then I see her dad. He was on a couch all by himself kinda stretched out taking up most of the space. In the dream I didn't go up to him I just sat and staired at him, I notice that he has a fake leg which he didnt while he was alive (he had a tattoo of his two kids on that leg not sure if it has any relevance). He gets up and I go to follow him without saying anything to one another, I remember reaching out trying to kinda grab him by the back of the shirt and he turned around and looked very disappointed in me. I asked him what was wrong or what did I do and I went to hug him and he backed away again. After that I packed a bag of all my clothes that were in a room all over the floor and left.

Please help me figure this out I hope this dream doesn't mean that he hates me or did hate me or if he wants me to get back with his daughter. Him and I were very close and did a lot of things together. His death accured exactly 1 week after her and I broke up and have stayed very close just until about 4 days ago we both told each other that we don't want to talk to each other. I'm so confused please help.
bigruss37 bigruss37
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2013