My Fire Dream, What Does It Mean ???

last night i had a dream that two men came to my house , i did not know them but i wasn't scared of them. they came to ask me questions about my house. before we started to talk , one of the men took off their jacket and sprayed them self with deodorant , his friend then asked for the spray and did the same , the other friend then took out a lighter and the friend with the deodorant sprayed it whilst the friend flashed the lighter and it burnt my head . i felt the impact of the fire and a cracking sound , i then woke up because i screamed. the dream felt so real and during the day i noticed a burn mark on my right arm, and i haven't burnt myself at all. i don't know if there is any connection, i really need to find out what the dream means???
jasmindani jasmindani
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013