Dream World

When I go to sleep I dream of what my life would be like if I was smarter or more outgoing. I can see my boyfriend and me married living in a house in the middle of nowhere. No kids but pets around every corner. We go for walks to the lake nearby holding hand and smiling. We seam so happy. Then I wake up to the man I am with. The man who hates to hold hands. The man who hates his smile. I want that dream but can I have it and him? I know I love him but sometime I wonder if love is enough. I want to feel his arms around me keeping me safe as we sleep. The problem is I have always dreamed of a better life but so far nothing has gotten better. When I was a child I would dream that I was a baby in the arms of loving people who would never hurt me but then I would wake up in my foster home. All dreams seem to be is another way to let me down. Another way to make me feel like I am failing. I really want the dream of him and me to come true but I don't know how to make my dream real. Do you?
Zoeyredbird Zoeyredbird
26-30, F
May 10, 2012