This Is Me

Future.. I have it, my future will be brighter than the train lights at the middle of the night. One of the skills I've inherited from my parents is ambition. I think this is one of the reasons I sometimes feel different than the others. They say they want to find a job, have ordinary jobs, the same cliché boring life. This is like a death penalty. I want nothing of that. In my dreams I am nothing but successful. It's not just a dream, it is what will be. I know I am able to succeed and to have the life I want and I will do it. I will have it all. This is the best feeling ever - success, the feeling to build something, a business, a venture, a dream. I dream big but I will make sure it won't be work only, not at all. I will find the perfect mixture. I sometimes struggle with that, cause I evaluate my goals.. However, I know one, if I believe myself no one can stop me.. Life's a ***** but with the right attitude, she's your *****
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3 Responses Nov 8, 2012

I like this. You really show that you know what kinda path you want your life to take. I do believe that no one can hold you down as long as you keep this attitude. Good luck to your future. Looking forward to it.

Nice quote :D

I know you can do it. Just believe in yourself. Nothing can bring you to the top except your own little feet. Perseverance is the key! :)