The Confusion

Hi , i'm 19 year old boy , from Tunisia (north africa just 30 min to Italy) , i'm so afraid from my future , here's my story ,, this year i'm passing my international baccalaureate exam (A-level) and i'm afraid to not success , why i think of the exam i Feel like i can't breath because it's the only hope that i got , and i try to think positively , but i have always in my mind the negative side , and my bigest fear is to not make it , because then my life would be Hell , i'm gay and i'm not comfortable with the mentalities here , and i tend to leave the country to study medicine abroad , and i can't think of fail because then i would end my life better than accepting it . so what do you think people ?
samyindeed samyindeed
22-25, M
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

think alwayz...whenever negative thoughtz come even then think about ya dream ya mission ya goal to achiev in life.. and yu'll automaticallie think positive.... :) :)
jx give it a try.... :)
hope it works for ya...coz it does for me....

Don't give up on yourself, keep moving forward and try to locate others like you abroad or accepting for moral support.