The future always seems to be faded, or in the distance. Just a blurry image that probably has something to do with the past. It's a fact. Your past will always affect your future one way or another. But, people, lately have been focusing on JUST that. Will what happened yesterday affect tomorrow? OF COURSE IT WILL! It's a thing called life. If your so afraid of something that's bound to happen, why be afraid? You know tomorrow you're going to get bullied. You know tomorrow your fellow employer will tease you. You know no one at school will talk to you because of the way you look or dress. You know your wife will not talk to you tomorrow because you got drunk....again. So why fear them? So why not try anything to stop them? For once in my life I will revert to cheesy movies. Okay so you know, how in the movies theres a prophecy or vision where its how something bad is going to happen by this good or stupid person and its going to ruin society, whatever. But it always ends ip that the person becomes the hero and changes that? So, I have another question for you...Why don't you change that? It could make all the difference or just the tiniest of fraction of a difference. Even then, a fraction is STILL a number. So why give up on it? Be PROUD of who you are. And if it's bad then CHANGE it. Oh my gosh did I seriously just say the C-word?! Yes, I did CHANGE it. So if your a drunk or drugiee and have a wife or girlfriend/husband or boyfriend. Surprise them! Don't drink or do drugs today and instead spend the day with them or get them flowers or SOMETHING!!! But, if your that nerd, goth, whatever person who gets slapped in the face, laughed at, ignored, whatever. Try being PROUD of who you are. "Yes I'm the nerdiest one here but let's face it. I'll be the boss of all of you one day and you're all going to be on bathroom duty and get minimum wage." Whatever makes you think better is what you need to do. "Yes I play video games all day but if aliens took over the world I'd be the only one who knew how to fight."(yeah not a good one but I'm tired) Just be a better, new you. Confidence is key in a bullying situation. Changing is key in a life's way's changing situation. Please listen to what I have said.
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Jan 9, 2013