I Don't Really Expect a Be...

I don't really expect a better future, but that is what I hope for. All people want a better future, and without that hope and dream, many people would not see a reason to go on. The truth is, I have no idea how my future will be, nor does anyone else, but we can all hope for the best and try to make decisions that would let our lives, both currently and later on, be the best they can possibly be. A happier future is a dream I can believe will come true, but with all the politics of society and all the problems facing the world, I'm not sure how much better the future could possibly be. Maybe though, things will turn around..
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2007

We now have 47% of the people getting most of their income from the federal government! They almost all vote for the party who will give them more. After the next election the percentage will go well over 50%. The give away party will then own the government and will drive the "financial bus" right off the cliff! Have you started learning Chinese yet?

That's so funny; I was just talking about this earlier with my friend. She fusses at me for exaggerating to her little girl (I exaggerate to kids very often!) but I think it should be fine.... thats what you do with kids, right? Give them false hope to cling to and hope they don't realize it false until they're old enough to deal with it. That's like comforting someone by saying, "It'll get better" or "It'll be okay." Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But hope is a powerful thing.