Need A Friend

-------------- I'm a high school student in China. Senior 3.

I have suffered from a really hard time I

mean this year 2010. It's going to be my biggest year

Because of the colleague entrance exam. I really hope

that I can get a great mark. So I worked really hard. I

mean 4 hours a day for sleeping eating and exercising. I

took all the rest to study, to fight for my gold. I lived

day like  year. and the first school term has finished.

and It turn out to be that I got failed in my study. I

mean my mark sucks. I have being doubted. teachers'

eyes full of disappoint. they think I did not study

pretty hard. How could they think that way? They have

seen my attitude on study. But they didn't care what I

used to be. they think marl is everything. They called

my parents....

everything sucks. and now the spring

festival came. and I didn't see any happiness. I just eat,

sleep and eat again, just can not call myself up to

study like I used to be. I used to think that I could be

somebody. I really do. I used to imagine my future.

Creating my own operating system for computers and I

even dreamed one day I could beat Microsoft. you

may say I'm a dreamer. I think that too. But Now it

gone, life told me that it could not be true. I know my

study is not good enough. (like my English), But It

could be better. I need hope, I need encourage. which I

can't gain from my teacher and my parents. I need to

talk, talk to some one who don't know me. I hope I

could feel better later. I'm off to study tomorrow. and

need help. have a nice day.

avril0121 avril0121
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2010