Nypd: Heroes To Zeroes

On September 20th 2011 hundreds of protesters gathered on Wall Street in a peaceful and constitutionally protected demonstration. For 4 days this demonstration managed to stay peaceful and abide by the laws that were set forth by the constitution for such an assembly to occur. Ironically enough it was only when the police showed up, those sworn to protect and enforce peace and civil obedience, did the scene turn into an unnecessary and unprovoked violent one. People being pepper sprayed for literally no reason, women publicly being dragged across the street and arrested, kids in their late teens and early twenties being thrown to the ground and nearly suffocated with knees pressed into the backs of their necks all just for raising their voices against corporate america. A right that our forefathers fought and died to protect. What's even worse is this was all started from the same police departments that sprung into action with no hesitation and heroically ran into buildings that were on the verge of collapse to save as many innocent lives from a terrorist attack as they could. Could it really be that those who tried to save so many innocent lives from terrorist have in fact turned into the very monsters that 10 years earlier they selflessly tried to save us from? Well, its kind of hard to believe but, then again, with so much documented evidence towards this fact its kind of hard not to. But the story gets better. These protests were initiated in order to stand against the greed that and social inequalities that exist between the rich and the poor, otherwise known as the 1% ("the haves") and the 99% ('the have nots") and the "have nots" is a category that the NYPD happens to fall into. So why would these officers who were heroes a decade earlier turn so demonstrative against an organization that is only trying to save their pensions? It comes down to poor leadership. Raymond W. Kelly, the commissioner of the NYPD (and a man who falls into the 1% category) criticized the protesters activity as "tumultuous conduct". An accusation that is unsupported and clearly false as can be seen by the cooperation of the protesters in the many videos that have been uploaded to youtube.
This insidious behavior has been largely blamed on Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna who was recorded using pepper spray on 4 female protesters as an obvious yet unprovoked attempt to display dominance, but it doesn't stop with him. This is certainly not the 1st time the NYPD has resorted to excessive force under the leadership of Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. The time has come for Michael Bloomberg to put a stop to Raymond W. Kelly's reign of terror.
Please follow the link or cut and paste it into your browser's address bar and tell Michael Bloomberg to make some much needed and long overdue changes among the ranks of the NYPD.


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calebforaction calebforaction
26-30, M
Oct 2, 2011