A Brief Encounter

I saw a question from a member asking, "Is it normal that I am a romantic guy" and it made me realize I want to know if it is normal that I am a woman who wants an intense sexual experience and you can keep the romance thank you very much. Here is my story.

Years ago when I was young, an adolescent, I found a copy of stories by Anais Nin I really don"t remember where....my older sister's drawer, a friends house not sure. I do remember I read one of the short stories and wanted to read them all so I took the book. The stories were all very sexual and spoke to the physical feelings and longings I had. One story in particular stuck with me and has been a dream of mine since. In recent times almost an obsession. The basic story is a woman on a long train trip is staring out of a window and thinking of being with a man. The conductor comes by to announce a long tunnel approaching . The train will be in complete darkness for a number of minutes. As the train enters the tunnel the woman is aware of someone behind her. She feels a man's hand slip beneath her skirt and inside her panties. He touches her in way that takes her breath away. Now she feels him push himself against her and she opens herself to him . He moves inside her and their movement plus the rocking of the train bring them to climax. He moves away with a gentle brush of his hand to her face. In minutes she is in sunlight again. She never knows who he was. She leaves the train at the next station. This story stirs passion in me. I have been in a committed relationship many years. I have no interest in leaving or in starting any personal relationship but I dream of having an encounter like the train. Intense physical pleasure with no romance, no ties just the climax.

So is it normal that I am a woman who wants intense sexual pleasure and no romance?
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Yes quite norman. No strings attached, no emotional outpouring of ur feeling being removed from ur relationship u r in. Just a physical activitiy that brings u into a state of emotional stability. Hormones of healing, wel being, sensuality, a better lover to ur committed companion, no love given away.