One Day

One day I'd like to make a change... one day I'd like to have a better life, a life without so much hardship, a life where I can spend time with my babies and sit back and enjoy. One day I'd like to be happy, with my world and myself. One day I'd like to just pack everyone up and run... run to a new place, a happy place, and just start over. One day...
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
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9 Responses Jan 17, 2008

i don't such thing will ever happen.<br />
life is not really that easy (for the most of us)<br />
<br />
but you see. the best sailors are the ones who continue to ride w/ the current

Come and get me MM.... you know the way!

;-)<br />
Come on out. The waters fine....<br />

It's getting closer... you'll see soon. :)

We're all hoping it comes a little sooner rather than later for you though. ;)

:) Yes.

It will come...

One day! :)

The key is PLANNING!<br />
First I research online the places I am drawn to.<br />
You have to go visit the places you might want to live.<br />
When you decide where you want to be,then you can make some serious plans.<br />
What part of the globe are you drawn to mysplitpersonality?<br />
Also consider having more than one place...this is the option I chose.<br />
Good luck and remember to keep reaching for your dreams !