The Place Of Pleasure...

(the title sucks, & so do I)

I fantasize about being dressed as a woman, in a lovely evening dress and on a date with a handsome gentleman in a nice suit, we have dinner in a nice secluded spot that is friendly to people dressing up. and when I join my date for a night-cap, we arrive at his house. we relax on the couch for a little bit, and just relax... drinking a little beer...

After about 20 minutes or so, I hear the front door open. My date tells me it is just his room-mate. My date introduced us, and I felt a little strange. But, it seemed that my date and his room-mate already had a thing going on. He joined us and I felt out of place. The only guy in the room that was wearing an evening gown.

The mood in the room before the room-mate had arrived was almost to the point of making out. When he suggested "adult education" channels on the television, it helped bring it back to that level again.

I began by sliding my right hand up and down my dates thigh. I loved the feel of his slacks under my palm. I also loved that his room-mate was okay with everything we were doing, and was sliding his hand up & down my thigh as well.

I gave my date a look to see if everything was okay, and he nodded in aprooval. I knelt before my date, slid off his slacks (and to my happiness, his panties also), and began stroking his nicely sized manhood.

While I was warming up my date, his roommate was warming me up as well, I was on my knees, licking my dates nice long throbbing **** & I felt my skirt lift up, and my panties get pulled to my knees.

I loved & still love thinking about being in the middle

He entered my slowly, and very sweetly!!! They both came about the same time. I was a little late because I didn't want my dress to get stained.

I dream about riding a big bologna-pony every day.
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fabulous story. I dream about being inn the middle. Some times I'll suck on a toy of mine while riding another. It is a fantasy for now.

NIce story.