My **** Wife

My wife Adrianne and I have been married for almost 17 years now and for the most part our lives have been fairly normal. Adrianne and I were 23 when we got married and she had our daughter a few years later. I guess we got consumed with the duties of careers and trying to raise a family and we forgot about the excitement in our lives.

Two years ago the company that Arianne worked for closed their local office. Although she had to option to relocate, my job was fairly well paying so we decided to stay even if it meant that Adrianne had to accept a lower paying job. Although Adrianne had great credentials, it took awhile for her to get another job and even then it was just a clerical job in a small office. At least Adrianne seemed to like the new job and quickly made friends with another woman her age named Janice.

Every night Adrianne would come home and tell me stories about Janice and her exploits. Janice was married with kids too but constantly cheated on her husband with a black guy. Adrianne would freely tell me all the sordid details of Janice’s affairs and I sometimes thought that I could sense excitement in Adrianne’s voice when she told me of her friend’s exploits.

Occasionally Adrianne would call and say that she would be late or ask if it was ok that she stopped after work and have a drink with Janice. I was probably naïve but I saw no harm in that especially since Adrianne had always been open with me. As the months passed though, the late nights became more and more frequent.

I finally got to the point where I had had enough. Not only was Adrianne going out more, she was dressing more revealing. On a whim I checked Adrianne’s cell phone and found text messages from another guy that proved that she was indeed having an affair. When she got home that night I confronted her. I thought that she would deny it or at least be upset but she was very confrontational to me. She basically came right out and told me that she was screwing a black guy, the sex was amazing, and hell no, there was no way that she was going to stop.

I was devastated for a long time but my anxiety soon turned into excitement. Instead of trying to hide her affair Adrianne would openly flaunt it. When she would go on a date she would come right out and tell me. I began to love watching her get ready, careful apply her makeup and do her hair, knowing full well that her black stud would be filling her womb with his seed that night. It turned me on to no end to watch her wear a denim mini skirt, see through top and high heels and go on a date dressed like the ***** she had become.
Adrianne would come home at night and even sometimes arrive home the next morning. She would tell me how her black boyfriend ****** her all night and how she enjoyed the excitement of being a black man’s *****. I think that what excited me the most though was how she would ask me how I would like to be the daddy of a black man’s baby. She would come home and show me her well ****** ***** and then rub her tummy and tell me how much she wanted to carry his love child.

I think that the most difficult part of our relationship now is how our 15 year old daughter reacts to all of this. I know that she must wonder where her mother is going dressed like a ****. I have to admit that I love watching Adrianne getting ready for her dates and I jerk off the entire time that she is gone wondering if she will come home with a baby growing in her tummy.

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I Hope Adrianne Gets Pregnant By A Black Guy, Your Daughter Will Probably Start Dating Black Guys Too

You are a lucky man to be married to such an exciting Lady.

your a very lucky man i hope your wife gets pregnant and has a black baby, my wife has a son to my friend and a little girl on the way, but my friend is white, i would love my wife to have a black mans baby or baby's

I want my my to do the same except use my mouth as her only contraception when she is done. I know this doesn't really work, but I also know she'd blame the pregnancy on me...

lucky bastard - i bet the knot in your throat, and the lump in your pants give you away every time with your wife.

My wife is doing the same, I love it too.