Devil's Recruiting Agency

I was seated in a room. It resembled that of an office waiting room, there was one couch and a desk. The room, and everything in it was in flames. Yet nothing was burning. The whole room was made of fire from the and so was the man behind the desk.
We spoke although our mouths never moved only face gestures..
He first asked my name, I did'nt respond- so he asked me again and I replied, "you know my name."
He smiled as if he were intrigued by my remark.
I asked him "what do you want?"... he smiled again and replied, "you know what I want!"
I gave no response. But I think he already knew what my answer was.I got up and walked past his smirking face to the door.
I was suprised to learn that when I walked out, I ended up in the same room with the same man still smiling and patiently waiting on a verbal responce. Everytime I walked out of the room I landed back on that couch in the same spot this went on for about 4 or 5 times.
Until I finally woke up.
Enigma7 Enigma7
22-25, F
May 18, 2012