My Dream - Black Master

He would put me in a head/arm type stockade & let his friends come over & use me for their c*m dump station. He would also allow them to pull my hair, use the belt on my a*s, call me names, take out their frustrations of work or their boss, on me.

After they are done with me. My Master would call me a c*m, ****, s**t, ***** & take is belt to my a*s, thighs, b**bies & leave welts that last a couple of days to remind me what I am. After he is done whipping me he takes his BBC & rams it in my tight little a*s hole without lubrication. It makes tears run down my checks. He tell me that "my ***** is dirty now & he has to **** my back hole because of this". He then grabs & pulls my hair & pounds the "H"-"E" double "L" out of me. While he is doing this he lets me know my place that "I am just a white trash c*m, s**t, **** slave", "I am here for only the purpose of serving him, I will do what he wants, when he wants". After he shoots his load in my a*s, I am allowed to be released from the stockade but it will cost me another whipping later.

This is my dream that I dream.
Figment1900 Figment1900
51-55, F
Dec 9, 2012