Teenage Lust

Here's the story I referenced in "First real love" in I'm in love with an older man.

March 16, 2007: I had my usual multi-hour talk session with my forbidden 34 year old boyfriend, Wayne. I told him I was really horny that night, and I had to have him. His response: ''If you come over tonight, I'll **** you." Apparently, in all the time we spent talking, he didn't know me all that well, because he thought I wouldn't show up. Midnight hit, and I decided that my mom was asleep, and so I punched out the screen in my bedroom window, ran to the driveway, and pushed my '89 Toyota Camry by myself, turned off, and in neutral, out the driveway, and down the road before I got in and started it. I took the Interstate into the second town, and drove to the general area of where Wayne lived. He was surprised when I called him to ask what street he lived on, and so he asked me where I was. I told him I was coming up on the neighborhood, and he told me the name of the street and hung up. He had left the door unlocked for me, and I went in, and ran down the hall, peeling off my clothes, and literally jumped into bed with him. He hadn't had any sex in 3 years, we were both too horny to even bother with foreplay, and so we ended up doing it, hanging upside down and half way off the bed. It was the most passionate monkey-sex ever. In less than ten minutes it was over, but I had came twice, and the sheets were soaked. I don't think we spoke any real words the whole time we were going at it. 

BTW, if anyone has something to say about me being 17 when this happened, 17 was the age of consent in our state during 2007. In 2008 it changed to 18, but by then it was a non-issue.

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Are you married or still married?

Wayne and I have been together since December 31, 2006. We are still together, and will be married hopefully before the end of this year.

That's just the way you have to do it sometimes. lol