My Lost Love 1996-2012

As I was in a job trainning school I see a new comer sitting across the lush green lawn. Tall, dark and handsome, what a looker I thought! We connected and fell in love, I was a single parent and he also connected with him.
A year into this relationship I hung out with a guy friend and my lost love finds out, the next day I see him gazzing into anothers eyes, how sad I was beyond words. I tried to get him back but the hurt ran deep for him as well.
We finish out our education and went our own ways, five years later we re-connect via... he runs into my sister and ask for my number. How fun it was, like old times except he had a daughter with the one who saved his broken heard years earlier.
We get personal, he takes me, my son and niece out, and for weeks drives miles to come see me, then poof he's gone again.
Now he's all I think about, I pray to run into him some how, even thought to hire a private investagater, my dream wont let me be. I see him all the time in my dreams, and we are happy to see each other but that's as far as it goes. I'm sick for a glimps, but I may die before that will ever happen.
leslielelaind leslielelaind
36-40, F
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may be another out there that can give you that same feeling