Sharing The Pain

I am so grateful that I finally found a place to share my stories and chat with people who understand the pain of being in this situation. Having a gender crisis is just that-a crisis.People laugh at us. It hurts. I read the stories of pain here and I feel the hurt right along with them. I also read the kinky stories and it makes me smile because even with all the torture of living with this crisis,there are also some good times now and again.I have had some very erotic experiences and now I finally have a place to share them. When other children are born with other defects,they are treated as victims.We are treated as second class citizens.When people finally wake up and understand that we have immense pain due to our condition and that this was NOT a choice then maybe we will be treated at least as human beings.
I also want to explain to some of the men on this site that simply because we have this condition,you do not have the right to message us with some of the filth like what I have recieved. It is not ok to treat women that way and many of us consider ourselves women even if you do not. I came here for advice and support. To share the pain,to try to relieve some of it and try to help other girls like me relieve their pain as well. We all have tremendous courage to live with this and we deserve your respect. Some men have asked me questions because they are curious,and that is ok. That is how we will understand each other. My desire to be a woman has consumed my every thought for as long as I have been alive. Thanx for letting me you girls!!!!!
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Fabulous sweetie

You said it wonderfully Brandi. : ). Rant any time you need and i will be happy to listen even in private messaging.

Thank you. I wish people could understand what it is like.

They don't understand because they dont want to. We are different enough right now that we make an easy target for ignorance and insecurity. It won't always be this way.

I hope someday it will be easier. It is so hard sometimes though.

Right now there is too much ignorance in this world.

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