On my birthdays when I was young, and my imagination wilder, I would make a birthday wish that I would wake up the next morning, and be a girl. It would be as if I was a girl all my life, there would be no history of me as a boy. Alas, my wish was pure fantasy, and I learned the hard truth that there is no birthday wish magic. I still make the same wish every birthday, hoping that maybe one year it will come true.
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I wish and pray all the time that that will happen. I realized that I was a girl when Iwas 3 years old. I never felt right playing with boys toys or playing boys games. And it is pure torture to live as a boy and I pray and wish everyday that I could wake up as a fully funtional girl that is still young so that I can experience the puberty growing breasts and even getting married and giving birth to my children. In fact I dream everynight that that happenes and in those dreams everything is do reall that I feel hear smell taste and see everything as being a girl.

this is so sweet. hug!

I share the same wish.

With my birthday approaching this week, this thought has been on my mind a fair bit. And then I had this sobering thought; if it did come true now, I wouldn't have my family. I probably wouldn't even know my wife, and my kids would not exist. I guess it's true when they say "careful what you wish for"!