I wrote about 2 current dreams, some recurring dreams, and a vivid dream I only had once but I still remember it. Please someone let me know what my dreams are saying thanks

I had a dream 2 nights ago about being outside of a mobile home, I saw a white limo in the driveway. Also it was sunset in my dream. I also saw my ex boyfriend son and his girlfriend in my dream. They did not look really happy. The last part of the dream I remember before I woke up was there was like a bug bite on my arm, and it was itching really bad. I was scratching it as I walked home, then it seem like a bug somehow, a big ant in particular, came out of the rash. Wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out what this dream meant.

Also, last night, I dreamed that I was washing clothes. I had a full load in the washing machine, and the washing machine lid was open. As the washing machine filled up with water, it started over flowing. I had to continue adjusting the washing machine setting, to stop the water from overflowing. On the side of the washing machine was another large load of clothes in a pile. They look as they were dark color clothes. As, I was fixing my washing machine, my little brother started calling me to tell me someone was at the door for me. I also remembered he had the music turned up really loud, so I could not really here. When I got to the door it was still closed, but a 3-D computer image popped up telling me to choose something, or press this button to let the person in , I am not sure. Once I chose a button, I overheard someone outside asking for me, and I answered, then they told me I was under arrest. I saw another ex boyfriend in this dream, not the same ex that was in the first dream. He was in jail too. The last part of the dream I was running upstairs hollering for mom.

Also, I always have dreams that I am fighting someone, but I can not ever fight them. If I try fighting them, I can never hurt them. Like my hits be like a baby hitting someone.

I have also had dreams about babies, I'm always holding them. I don't think they are my babies though, and they always are happy babies.

I had a dream once, in the later part of last year, that I was at a funeral. The person in the coffin, I did not know him. It seemed like a very old fashion funeral, that was in the country. The body was in a pinebox coffin, not an up to date coffin you would see today at a funeral.

So, if someone could please interpret these different dreams for me, I would be greatly appreciative. I am going through a lot of changes in my life, so maybe these will help me understand things better.
sunny35555 sunny35555
26-30, F
Feb 14, 2012