Fishing And Loss

I had a dream I was fishing on lake with two friends that I didn't necessarily know very well. I felt safe with them though. There was a lot of forest at the shores all around. We cast our bait. I remember I used a live bait and felt confident something would bite as I could see them swimming below our small gas powered boat. We were near the shoe line when a huge bright blue fish started playing with the bait, trying to pick it off the line as many fish do. I had to use my skills as a fisherman to seduce the fish into being more aggressive, bringing in line, making him chase it. He bit hard and I knew I had him on the line. I told my friends to get ready to help me pull it in. I was happy and excited. As I pulled his body up with my own strength I could feel and hear something fall into the boat, presumably from his body. It was a pile of maggots and things of that nature about a foot high! There was just a lot of death in that pile of matter. I was shocked! I looked back to the fish and he was also dead, not at all what I thought I had seen in the water! There were boils on it. His skin was. Grey and rotting too. Actually now I remember the very first thing I saw was his mouth which was filled to the brim of what looked like fecal matter, for lack of a better term. I remember, at that moment, my brain having a hard time interpreting what my eyes were seeing now compared to the lively bright fish I thought I was pulling up.
I remember one of the men on the boat was an older, aboriginal man I had worked with who would, to me, be the definition of a "good man" ; a man who worked hard his whole life, who was always polite no matter what, and who knew how to and did take care of himself, an independent man, short in stature but a friend of many with the face that was weathered but warm and somehow familiar, somehow full of love. He had been operating the boat from the back; at the motor. I looked back and I could see his face. I can't remember the other friend in the boat. But suddenly the other friend and I had been talking about "the good man's" passing in life, kind of leaning onto the edge of the boat, the swirls of light from the lake reflected up onto our faces from the sun. It was near sunset. It was warm and i imagine it smelled good. Like of the prototypically heavenly settings on our Earth. A beautiful time of day. We were near one other so to not need more than a breath to be heard by the other. He told me of the good man's passing and I just felt loss. I felt something inside myself wanting to reject it, but my mind knew it was futile, like swallowing the hiccups, to put it trivially. It was a test in acknowledging the inevitable. That we all will face. I will face one day...
It makes me feel sad
thefinaldispatch thefinaldispatch
26-30, M
Sep 15, 2012