I awoke, cold.
Went downstairs and wondered, how did I get here?
Grandparents house, Niagara Falls. Cold this time of year.
Opened some drawers to find a blanket. Hoped to smother the cold I felt.
Grandma appeared and pointed me in the right direction. The warmth enveloped me.
Grandpa encouraged me to be strong, but as he hugged me I could see and feel his strength waning.
A tear came to my eye. I knew he would not be here much longer.
They were gone.
I awoke again, cold.
In my own bed. It was a dream. I cried.
The cold overwhelmed and swallowed me.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

My grandparents passed away many years ago, but I had this dream about them last night. I felt compelled to write this story about it.