I went to bed last night all calm and relaxed and I woke up after a dream about my sister and she was all over me she kissed my lips and then she put her tongue inside my mouth and I had a hard on when she did that then she got my **** out and her jaw dropped and said ohh my baby brother soo hard and soo big down there and I smiled and she took her clothes off and she got ontop off me she started with a small kiss then all of a sudden she started bouncing on my **** and I cumed really quick when I cumed in the dream I woke up in real life with a hard on.

Does this mean im ****** because of a dream and does it mean I liked it because I had a hard on is this normal for a brother to dream about his sister in such a dirty way what shall I do about it.
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Don't be ashamed if you do.... She must be very attractive

Hi. Feel free to message me any responses. Please note I am not a professional ... But I read a few textbooks in college which included information about "taboos" and norms.

Taboos include things like incestuous feelings. Norms are basically "usual" things.

So, in order to determine a proper answer for you, I'd like to ask the following questions:

1) Were you sober the night before the dream?

2) Do you feel turned on because you were with your sister or because of the sexual act of an older female?

i was sober and i think it was just the fact it was a female i dont know though i dont know why i felt turned on by it