Mysterious People

I dreamed i was alone walking through the town i live in now but it was abandoned and i was the only living person. then a guy around my age showed up and his eyes and hair color are all i can remember. They were green and blue changing every few seconds. His hair was BLack and down to his shoulders. When he found me he said to follow him and while we were walking through the town more people i knew started to show up. We got to a gate and he said i should never go to that part of town because it was dangerous by myself and if i had to go i should call him first. The problem is i cant remember his face or his voice. Just that he felt like he was someone i knew or should have known. I havent really dreamed of him since just little glimpses of him and he still seems foggy. Now whenever i see someone who looks like him while im awake i cant help but stare for a while and that gets kind of embarrasing.
Izeyah Izeyah
May 13, 2012