I Dreamed I Was Having Sex With My Ex Boyfriend

As I woke up I felt like I was falling, then I remembered what I was dreaming. I was having sex with my ex boyfriend. I have never had real sex with anyone and this is the first time I dreamed about having sex.

I felt wet and squishy in my vaginal area, at first I thought my period had started early. I quickly checked and found it was not blood but my own secretions that had soaked my panties and even a small spot on the bed.

In the dream I had been sitting atop my BG, impaled on his penis. His face had a look of ecstasy and he was panting and thrusting up at me. I was riding him like I was in the saddle of a horse, bouncing up and down and leaning forward and backward. I had almost reaching a pinnacle of pleasure when I woke up. I was so horny that if my BF had been there I would have raped him.

I got up and took a cold shower, put my hair up in a bun, then cleaned up the mess got ready to go to work at the library.
Kuniko Kuniko
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

That was an amazing story my dear, and natural I would say!

Wow .. see librarians have an energetic secret fun life we didn't know about eh? That was quite a story Kuniko. Sorry it ended before climax hmmm :(. Sex dreams are magic though huh? I think so. Well now you have sort of a vision of what it can be like ! You remind me of shannon doherty by the way, just a little. pretty :)

If I get bad karma for having sex in my dreams would I also have to turn in my Vcard?

So Kuniko do you believe you will accumulate bad karma for actions taken in you dreams?

Hi girl, I use sexual energy sometimes. It's very difficult to focus and direct it because it always wants to materialize in the act of you know what. But if you can get your body under the control of your mind than sexual energy can help you on the path toward enlightenment. And yes it is like riding and trainning a horse. Thanks for the add.