Peeing Dream = Wet Bed

Through years of urethral ************ and catheterization, I have traumatized my bladder to the point that I have lost a lot of control. About 8 months ago, I started wetting in my sleep fairly regularly, and it is now to the point that I almost never have a dry night. Last night I dreamed I had to pee. I haven't had a dream like this for a few years. Originally, that is how I began to wet in my sleep. I always wore diapers in the day time, and in my dreams, I would think, "I am wearing a diaper, I can just let it go."

Last night I dreamed I was hiking in the mountains and had to pee badly. If I really were hiking, I would just pull down my pants and squat behind a bush. In my dream though, I pulled down my pants and laid down on the ground to pee. I woke up in a warm wet diaper again and was so happy! When your subconscious tells you it's ok to pee wherever you are, You Have Become A Bed Wetter!!
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Glad you find it well

I guess I'm not having the right type of dreams then... cos my nappy is always dry when I wake up in the morning :(

Pee on me!

I'd love to be sleeping in bed with you and feel your warm wonderful pee getting the sheets wet.

My wetting dreams started when I was 12. I would dream I was peeing and I would wake up to a wet bed. Not only that but I would have a hard *** *** too. Often I would be on the brink of an OR**** or I would come from rubbing myself on the wet sheets

I've had a lot of wetting dreams, when I was in my teens a wetting dream always ended up with an ******, never pee, but my underwear would always be wet and sticky in the morning. I still have peeing dreams, but so far the bed has stayed dry. your dreams sound sooooo sexy, I'm going to ********** and wet myself before I can go to sleep, but first I'm going to read more of your stories.

Every time I have had a wetting dream, I wet my bed. I liked it so much every time it happened, I decided to retrain my brain and bladder to become a bed wetter.

Thanks for the comment and compliment!

Now I "dream of you waking up in the mornings in your helplessly wet Diapers and the things you do to make yourself feel even better!

I was always a bed wetter i wet the bed til about 18 and it started up again. Have had dreams were I have had my **** out ******* up a wall only to wake as the **** is coming out and to find the bed soaking wet. I like my nappy and would never wear it without my baby plastic pants.

Khako ,

This lost of control concerns me . Since I want to remain in control of what my body does . While I'm asleep , no disrespect on how you view and enjoy this . I'm not yet ready to just let go in bed and wet . Except on those times I wish to . To enhance my ************ myself against the wet bed sheet ! ! The warmth and also the wetness coupled with doing something Naughty helps me at times have a most pleasurable ****** from it all ! !

Appreciate it that you posted this .

Thank You

Fox Trot Arrow

P.S. I'm trying to find a pull up that will contain a large amount of pee ! Though the ones I have used . I have always over flowed them when I wasn't expecting them in doing so .

If you want to remain in control, you will. I wanted desperately to become incontinent and as a result of my, severe at times, urethral abuse, I have achieved that. Believe me, it takes a LOT of abuse to even lose a little continence.

Regarding diapers, the most absorbent are cotton. I wear them at night for bedwetting. Good plastic or PUL pants are also a 'must.'

That brings to mind . That when I do want to let it all go . I don't mind my pull - up I'm wearing to over flow . When i want to allow this with protection laid down first . Then when my pull - up is over full and leaking I will start pressing and moving back and forth stimulating my **** within the wet soaked pull - up . Until I have a climax from it ! !

Thank You ,

Fox Trot Arrow

A really good pull-up is made by Wellness Brief. You have to order these online. They are supposed to last for 8 hours.

I do appreciate that information :)
Thank You , Khako

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That is exactly what made me a bed-wetter, I would incorporate the need-to-pee into my dream somehow and that it was okay to go! It seemed that my need-to-pee caused me to have such dreams ....not the other way around! So only when my subconscious mind during sleep began to question my dreams, saying it's not real in effect, was I finally able to gain some control over my peeing my bed.

But after all these years I had a similar dream one night recently and tried to pee in bed again when my sub said it was okay to go ...and almost did! Only some sub-learned reflex managed to hold it back. I had a diaper next to my bed the next night, but didn't dare wear it to sleep ...knowing my inner self if I did I would likely have woken up with a very wet diaper, especially since I often drink a lot of fluids right before bedtime (as a result I usually get up and go to the bathroom at least once a night.

But some night soon I'm going to test this theory and wear a nice cozy cloth diaper to bed, with plastic diaper cover and a baby-style night gown and see what happens. I bet I'll wake up wet. And if I did so for a month I would wake with a diaper of poop sometimes as well, although I have no desire to poop in a diaper at all. But I think I could be fairly easily be regressed back into a baby-like state pretty easy under the right circumstances and mommy/daddy care, although I tend to prefer my LBG state and look, with diapers, then the crawling baby stage.

But again, I agree that dreams are a big factor as to letting go and pee or not at night!

When wearing Diapers to bed at night I increase the chances of my having wetting/Diaper dreams by 90%. I don't wet my Diapers in my sleep but I have intense Diaper/wetting dreams and wake up and wet my diapers

Bobbie,<br />
She is right, you don't need control. It is much better just to wet your diaper and enjoy it. Don't question her rules, just obey them.

No Jane, it's not weird, it's great. I hope you continue to diaper train him. Wearing diapers and wetting them is probably one of our first greatest pleasures in life, why should we ever give up that spectacular feeling?

Hi Scottii,
It's certainly my dream! I love to talk to people who share it!

Khako, a few years ago, just before I woke up one morning, I dreamed that I was wetting and woke up just after I had started to pee. If I had not dreamed I would NEVER have been able to wet lying down like that. That has never since happened to me.

And how wonderful for the man who gets to share your bed. Now, if you need a volunteer. :)

Gobphus, you wet your bed until you were 24? That is awesome! I bet you would like wetting a diaper and then ******* in it too!

I like wetting in bed with another person, male or female. As long as it comes out in my mouth or all over me, it is good. Hopefully, somebody will contact me for some fun. platerpuss

Yes I am Pub! Don't you love it?

I do. ;)

I think that your subconsciousness is telling you even more than it's OK to pee wherever you are: It is suggesting you that the normal way of peeing is while lying down. Which, you'd have to admit, is not the way you were taught to pee when you were a small girl.<br />
<br />
You are a naughty, naughty girl, Khako! :)

You have reached quite a milestone.

Why thank-you Rusty!

Yes, yes you have. Congratulations.