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I've had many dreams of peeing, and more than half of them resulted in an actual wetting... Most of these dreams were of course in my youth and I cant really say that they were all the disturbing to me, and for the most part I wasn't scorned all that badly. As of late though I've had a reoccurring dream now like 3 times, where I'm in a very warm room, not blazing hot, but comfy warm, with plush carpeting and soft cloth and padded walls. I'm standing in the room naked and in a very aroused state and just let loose and pee all over. It seems I get to the point where my bladder is about empty and the "alarms" go off in my head and I wake to find I peed a torrent.

I don't know, but it probably has something to do with my living situation where I'm in a pretty confined space and not all that comfy, so maybe I'm living out the opposite level of restraint and being free as can be in my dreams.

Anyone else have dreams like these? How do they make you feel and what do you think they mean?
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I sometimes have pee dreams and when it happens, I wake up in a pool of pee. On occasion even without dreaming, I wake up as I'm starting to pee and, of course, I don't stop. Again, other times, I just wet the bed on purpose. I think it has to do with being comfortable with the whole thing.