Peeing On Another Girl

I had a very vivid dream, but didn't pee in real life. In my dream I was in the girl's locker room at schooland I was so horny from watching other girls change so I took off all my clothes except for my bra and a hot girl kneeled in front of me and started licking me out. My leg was propped up on the bench and even though it was a dream, it felt amazing. Then, I spread my ***** lips and started peeing on her face. We were both moaning while everyone watched. A heavy stream of my **** was
splashing all over her face and I aimed it in her open mouth. She swallowed after I was done peeing which felt like 5 minutes at least.
xellexx xellexx
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Lucky girl;)

Oh my god!! My mouth is next!