I Dreamed of Playing College Basketball

I always loved playing basketball and working out. I used to spend 30-40 hours a week in the gym just playing basketball. My freshman coach whipped me into shape and taught me how to really play. So then the summer after my sophomore year, a guy comes up to me in the gym while I am playing 21. He calls me over and says, "you could really go somewhere, when you are ready to play for real call me." He hands me his card and walks away. His business card lists him as a Program Manager at a Fortune 500 company. So I ask around and find out he played and coached Division 1 basketball.

Needless to say, I started working with him. I started running into former college players who would say, "You really have what it takes." Now my dream became playing ball somewhere. Unfortunately, I had three things against me.

1) I lacked confidence in myself. This really hurt my offensive game. I was still a great defender and rebounder, but I wasn't scoring like I should.

2) Both my highschool coaches were very offensive minded. They only saw points scored, not points saved or rebounds or even hussle. Not many people can say they blocked a Rodney Williams Jr. dunk, but I did. If only I played for John Wooden.

3) My knee gave out. I got severe tendonitis my senior year, which prevented me from even trying to walk on.

I ended up taking a year off. Now that my knee is better, I am gonna try to play at the local junior college. I am not ready to give up basketball. I'm too young for retirement. Just so you know, the point of this story is not to complain. I wouldn't be the same person I am today if things had not gone the way they did.

MNPowerForward MNPowerForward
18-21, M
Mar 10, 2009