I have very strange dreams. O.o  Sometimes, I see people I have never seen for real. Or maybe, I've seen them somewhere, but I just can't remember where? 

I don't know if it's the same person I see every dream, but I see people I don't know in my dreams quite often. 

Once, I saw that I was getting married to this person I didn't know. In the dream, it was an arranged marriage, where I've never seen my groom before and I was going to be married against my will. I used to see this type of dream very often when I was young. I don't remember the face, but I do remember that he wore a blue suit. O_o

This other time, quite recently, I saw that I was the girlfriend of a very famous rockstar (atleast in my dream he's famous. lol.)....whom I've never seen before. O_o  We are always hogged by paparazzi and fans whereever we go (and in the dream I get very jealous when bimbos are all over my famous boyfriend. D:), and just when we are finally alone and about to kiss...the dream ends. D: This dude has brown hair and wore all black. And I just remember him having black eyes. O.o

Hmm...there are many dreams where I see a guy I've never seen before. And in my dreams, I'm sort of happy with him.=/ 

You know what would be super cool? If this guy in my dreams is actually real and I meet him later in life! :O

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Were you telling me to dream of her like that..? o,O

Don't worry, Floydess is just being random. x]


lol. He'll have nightmares. XP *hides knife and looks innocent*

Totally! =O

what would be cooler is if he had the same dreams about you o.O