I Dreamed of Talking to Jesus

I dreamed of talking to Jesus.  It was last March, 2008.  Not a long dream, however, one I never expected to have. 

In this dream there were people on my left standing off at a distance and in shadow.  I was standing next to this man I knew as Jesus.  All I could see is the white robe, rope belt, and rope like sandals.  He was very tall and I could not even see his shoulders.

I awoken shortly thereafter and clearly remember what I had said to him.

Knowest now thou Jesus the hour has come.

It took me several hours to figure out exactly what I had said, and I would like to add, never in my wildest imaginations would I ever have thought of talking to our Jesus.  I am not fit to so much as wipe the dust from the bottom of his sandals.

Finally, I was able to decipher the sentence merely by adding commas.

Knowest now, thou, Jesus, the hour has come!

Of course this is not my normal use of the english language and talking like this in a dream as well as seeing and talking to Jesus was and still is beyond my comprehension.  My question to my self is, "What have I done in this life in 63 yrs. to warrant the honor of even seeing him let alone talking and reminding him of something."

My illness, started last Sept. or Oct. , 2008,  I do not at this time have the final diagnosis complete so can not say the final outcome will be with my life. 

I would like to add to this about 2 weeks prior to the dream with Jesus my brother came to me in a dream.  He has been dead since 1989 and I lost my sister 1990.  However, the dream was strictly my brother.  I will not go into the dream with him except to say what he told me.  "You do not have to be afraid anymore."  This was in reference to the paranormal, things with all my logical police back ground, I can not explain. 

If anyone out there has had this or a similar experience I would really like to hear your story.  P.S.  My mother, a few months before her death, at the age of 41, seen Jesus.  I was 5 yrs old.  I remember the door opening and my dad jumping like he was shot.  The door was locked!  This is the only time I have ever heard of anyone having this type of dream.  Except my mother was awake and dying at the time.


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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I would like to add something to the possibilities of talking to Jesus.<br />
I just had the belief that I can talk to Jesus, due to the fact that I have always believed in him and that there is something protecting me that I can believe in and trust.<br />
As recently as yesterday, I made a mistake in one of my recording sessions, and I was amazed at how I started my song...."it's gonna work out you no it is" just kind of spilled out of my mouth without any warning..<br />
The Mic was on and I just kinda let it flow, and I used it to start the song, and it worked out.<br />
After my session was over, I just kind of questioned how it happened that way, and I no that it was jesus working in the mysterious way that only he can, and I didn't question it at all.<br />
I had things on my mind and had been hurt by a family member a few days before, so once again I didn't question it.<br />
We all have different experiences of spiritual happenings, and Jesus knows that no one is alike, so our personal time with him will be individual and special.<br />
I was wanting to talk to Jesus the other day...he knew what was on my mind, so he beat me to the punch and told me what I needed to no.<br />
All things are possible if we just believe in him<br />
<br />

I dont belive in jesus or god to me there is heaven or gods or angles only. Death

I had a similar experience in 2007, when everything was going badly in Iraq and President Bush was being attacked by the media. I was praying in my room late at night about everything in the world and the church and my family and when I finished I said, "well Lord that's all for now, please do something about all this, good-night". As I lay my head on the pillow, I heard a movement in the corner, thought it was the dog, but the dog was on the bed with me. Suddenly, I heard an<br />
audible voice, very softly, but a man's voice, say to me<br />
"Good Night". I jumped out of bed so fast and looked to see if my husband had come in the room and was playing a trick on me. No one was there, so I ran across the house to where my husband was fast asleep infront of the TV. I woke him and asked him if he had been in our room. He woke up and said he fell asleep.<br />
Long story short, I went back to my room and said, "<br />
OK, now I know that you are real and have everything<br />
under control." About 6 months later, I was diagnosed<br />
with Lymphoma, cancer of the Lymphatic system. Two<br />
oncologist wanted me to start on Chemo right away. I prayed and asked the Lord to guide me through this.<br />
The doctor had me all set to get a port in my chest for IV's. Had me all ready to go in for surgery, when the<br />
nurses in the hospital came in a told me to go home, as they didn't have any doctor available to do the surgery that day. I almost flipped and disconnected everything and ran out of there, as the Lord wanted me to trust in him for my healing. It has now been a year and they<br />
keep giving me MRI's, CAT scans and PET scans. What<br />
they find is that the lymph nodes they saw at the beginning, are now shrinking, going away. I believe he wanted me to hear him, so I would trust in him when I would be going through this trial in my health. <br />
I don't know what your diagnosis is, but whatever it is, believe that he is a healer and he is same yesterday, today and forever. Don't give in to the enemy, Jesus came to give us life, more abundantly and he is not a man, that he should lie. Your brother was right, you do not have to be afraid anymore. Jesus is real and he is on your side. God Bless You