I Wasn't Dreaming

It happen twice at church...


The first time, It had gotten to the part in mass where the father was holding up the communion. And at that moment, I saw these pair of hands laying on top of the father's helping him hold up the communion. When the father lowered his hands this second pair was gone.


A couple weeks later, I was at home ill. For some reason I had felt the need to turn  to the religious channel (which I never do).  There on this channel was another father and he said that Catholics believe when a father is blessing the bread god lays his hands on top of the father's.


The second time, I had been trying to see the hands again. This time I did not, but when the father consumed the bread a man appearred on the left side of the alter. And I knew this man to be god. And when I knew this, he looked at me, smiled, and disappeared.


*I am Catholic.

*Before the first time, I had had brain surgery a couple months before.

*I never when to church again, after the second time.

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What did God and Jesus look like ? Do they look like the image we also see represented in pictures ? I have read that people who have seen Jesus say he does not look like the historical image and the Virgin Mary looks like the Mona Lisa.

Just wondering. Good Luck to you and thanks for sharing.

Greetings!<br />
<br />
I was privilege and bless by Jesus Christ. I dream of him on april 30 2012. I saw his eyes, his face, all his body in a white robe it was my first experience. I ask if anyone else has dream of him, even my religious sister have not the priviledge or the bless, she say wow! For all the times she ask for him, and he meet me instead! me!<br />
I dialogue with him and he told me a lot of things, but the following are the<br />
ones he request:<br />
<br />
1. He have a project a mission in life for me, he want me to find<br />
a way to help people know him better, to change how they seek for him, how they<br />
celebrate him, how they talk about his miracles and how they talk about the<br />
bible, how they meet to find Jesus.<br />
<br />
2. He wants me to keep doing good things and helping others, also<br />
to keep faith on him.<br />
<br />
3. He is by my side, helping always keep in the light and give<br />
strength for people that will not understand how much he loves us.<br />
<br />
4. He will give me signs and his essence to communicate to see<br />
what the right direction is and help to follow my path. Here are some changes he wants me to express to humanity:<br />
■1. He do not want people to idolize him, he want you to good things.<br />
■2. He do not want people acclaim him in a church praying, requesting money, making shows. He want simple people that love him, and do it freely in their own space and time, not in a chapel, and their daily day, he do not want fake promises, how they are regret their mistakes and then sing and wash away their sins and then do something bad on his back. He wants honesty, he wants family union, he want people talking to him more.<br />
■3. He do not want people talking about the bible and the miracles he already did, he want to know how you know he still around, how he impact your life, in your<br />
right now, because many people already lost their fate.<br />
■4. How you’re going to spread the word and doing great things for others, because recently all that has been spread is bad news and horrible acts. That is why I am posting this message in every forum I can, so we can start making changes in our humanity and in our world.<br />
■5. We need to stop start doing a rituality of the past centuries practicing god faith is like the only way to reach him. He doesn’t want people standing in a podium<br />
asking people to join Jesus Christ in a chapel, saying they are godsend. He<br />
wants people to believe he is not in a building he is in our nature. He asking us to<br />
change how we communicate with him, going to church do not make you better than anyone else.<br />
■6. Let’s bring miracles working together as humanity we will find plenty and completely salvation. He wants us to write our own story, to make a new book, with new moralities, and new believes and new much better humanity.<br />
■7. Just talk to Jesus and wait for his signs, and you will find how wonderful he is.<br />
<br />
I invite you to join me to share your happiness, positive<br />
thinking, constructive positivism, and want you do today to make another day of<br />
your life helping our humanity, on writing on this forum and blog, your everyday.<br />
<br />
Cordially,<br />
<br />
S.A.M.<br />
<br />
P.S Remember we are not perfect we rise on our mistakes.<br />
<br />
*Find your purpose!<br />
<br />
P.S you may ask for my testimony if you want to.

Pretty neat. :-)