My Gamer Dream Girl

I read the words “Perchance to dream”
Not knowing then quite what that means
But as the man could plainly see
Oh what fools we mortals be
For now to dream, to be with you
In Technicolor; not quite true
To touch, to hold and softly kiss
Twin setting suns accent the bliss
That we share through silent smiles
Our hands like lovers held a while
And we converse but silently
Our words to thought in harmony
While all of Norrath looks away
As we beneath our shade tree lay
And when we find ourselves in quest
Spells and metal put to the test
We move and flow like lovers dance
Romantic battle hardened stance
Your lightning cast so gracefully
My sword tip arcs as grobins flee
Then once again we kiss, caress
Our eyes entwined, the bliss no less
But sadly then the dreaming’s done
My eyes awakened by the sun
My smile though is lit anew
For all the night I was with you
FordPrefect42 FordPrefect42
41-45, M
3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Awww, Thanks Sunshine :) *tips hat and bows*

Thanks, Tao :) I wrote it freshly out of the dream that morning...a warm and beautiful, though fleeting, moment :)

Thanks, Eight :) Doesn't sound crazy to me - I know what you most guys I've had an "affair" with a movie character or two myself, hehe. In this case it's a girl I work with and/or her avitar in the online game she got me into playing with her and her boyfriend. She may be off limits, but at least I can dream...hell, even my cats have a crush on her! lol