Forgive Dee She Has Sin

I'm Really Trapped And I Let Myself
get That Way..
I Left One Heartbreak To
Come Into Another One
Who Needs Real When You
Can't Even Get Fake
Who needs Bills When You
Can't Even make Mistakes
Sex Is So Powerful
So Emotional It Hurts
Sex Is So Over rated
Bust A Nut Go Bazerk
Please Get Out My Face
With All Those Wet Kisses
Of Hi And Bye
Please Dont Touch Me
For You'll Make My
Feelings Grow Deeper
And You'll make My Knees A Lil Weaker
Not From The Sense Of Missing
But Maybe Cuz I Thought Of Deception , The Thought Of Kids
By You Could Send Deep Missiles to
To Waves Of My Brain
Not Because of You
Physically because Your Skin
Is Brown Like Mocha
And When You Touch me
I Fall Victim To A Doa
Naw not Death
Just Disappointment
Over Achievement
I Wish I Met Your Character Sooner
It Would Allow Me Not To
Care It Would Allow Me
To See You Starring And Not
Notice or Care I Hate You
For Your Actions
There Selfish And All Wrong
I Had Some Crazy Ish Up In
My Head Wanted You In my Bed
All Alone
I Know I Can Not Have you
But I Also Know i Can
I Could Get Some Of The Black
To Me It Feels Like Sin
Your Lips Move With Sincerity
Your Fingers Roam With Care
Don't Get Me Started On Your Eyes
Don't Do It
Don't Dare
85 Not 91 So It Won't Ever
Be Fair
I Really Don't Have Anyone To Tell This Unimportant Situation
I'm Just A Pretty ************
Caught Up In A Black Mans Dreams...
HoneyHunnaCoke HoneyHunnaCoke
18-21, F
Jan 2, 2013