Dear Van Helsing , It's Me Dee

I'm In Love With a Monster
He's Black With Gold Fangs
He's Wack With Big Thangs
Push Lies With no Vain
How Could You ?
You Say
Where's The Irony
Go Figure
Well didn't You Say
You Was pretty
No Filter
I Did To Be Exact
I Did To Be Correct
I Wasn't Thinking
With My Head
I Was Just Thinking
I'm Dead
I Givin Up
Lets Call Me Choke
I Say One Thing It
Leads To Tote
And Then The ************
Walks In And I Run And Hide
Not in Real Life Tho
Just In My Head
I Know My Role Im
His Runner Up You See
I'm The *****
His Wants His Lady
too Be
I'm His Desire Dont
You See
Don't You See
He Wants Me Spreading
Sexual Waves Thru His
He Wants To Control me
He Wants To Hold Me
Telling Me the number 2
The Number 2 Could
Mean The Runner Up
The Number
2 Could Mean Dont **** up
for You See I'm in love With A Monster
Ghoulish Eyes
Tangled Lies
Slanted Eyes
Troubled ties
Because I Could have Said No
The Whole Angel In Me
Who's Gonna Save Little ol Me
Iam Praying He Comes
Silver Heart And Purple Thumbs
To Release Me From This Hell
To Release So I Can Tell
I'm In Love With A Monster
Can You HELP Me?
Can You Blame Me..

HoneyHunnaCoke HoneyHunnaCoke
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013