Each And Every Night

When I lay down in my bed every night..I feel your arms wrapped around me..pulling me in closer to you...I feel your breath in my neck as you nuzzle it and breathe in the scent of my hair..after a few minutes of cuddling and nuzzling..I feel you nibble on my ear..softly telling me "I love you my baby.." ..this making me snuggle in even closer...sending me off into my dreamland of you and I my baby...
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
46-50, F
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very nice!

The warmth of someone special against ones skin is calming and gives a sense of security. The warm moist breath of the special someone awakens the nerves and is the wind that fans the flames of passion.

Snuggled tight behind you so not a grain of sand can pass between us. That breath on your neck and a hand on your full breast confirms those simple words "I love you my baby"

Both drift off to sleep in the security of those simple words and a simple touch.

Thank you for your words.

Nice picture