Last Night

I catch you

And in my arms

I take you

Through the dreams

Of my mind

Holding your hand

Together we fly gently

In the distance of the universe

In the tenderness of the return

In the simple sentence of a verse

Letting me always love you

Letting my heart talk

You would know

That in the world

Of my dreams

There is no place

for the distance

for the pains

for the sadness

But for the love

And happiness...


I dreamed of you

You were by my side

forever and always...


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18 Responses Mar 1, 2009

That was simplistic but beautifully meaningful.

"In the tenderness of the return..." Beautiful, Tendereyes.

Great poetry.

Meeting you there. :)

Thank you for the beautiful, insightful words.

Lovey sentiment, well written. Thanks for sharing this.

What would I do without you, TP? This brought peace into my heart. I had a bad night but now I feel good. :) Thank you.

I caught you in my dreams for reality

That's a beautiful dream Princess and a beautiful poem.

i love your poem...

Very pretty. And quite recognisable for me. Thanks for sharing.

This had a calming effect on me today. It's warm and beautiful. Thank you!

wonderful :-*

aw i love reading ur stories Tp,its always so beautiful..i believe u have a beautiful heart*<br />
dreaming..great :) shiny stars around u**

awweee!!! beautiful...

Made me cry, beautiful poetry. Its how I feel about a lost love of mine. Thank you.

Born to make you happy tendereyes. Amazing! Smiles

Beautiful! :-)