My Guardian Wolf

For a long time i have been dreaming of wolves. I have always felt a connection to them and never have i fear these beautiful animals

So i was dreaming...

i was in my spirit place.. in nature. It was  a wooded area that is filled with many animals running to and fro. I am walking and just feel this sense of wonder. 

I come to a clearing and i see my wolf. This is a special wolf that i have been dreaming of for a long time. His name is Koda. His name was given to me by a wise native woman in another dream many years ago. My native name is Miakoda.  What is amazing is i always FEEL Koda before i see him. There is a aura about him that is just comforting and loving and very protective. 
So he is there my Koda. I mean he is mine as much as any animal can really be. we don't know ever"Own" an animal.  That is not the way it works.

So Koda is waiting for me and he comes right to me. I stroke his fur and i feel this warmth spread to my very spirit. I kneel before him and and i see this white mist rise from him and from me. Its almost as if both our essenses are mingling.

i stand and we walk to the edge of a lake. Then i look to the sky and i see this huge eagle. When i mean huge .. i am talking the size of a elephant. It lands before me and i am in awe. the eagle has gold eyes. I can feel the eagle speak to me.
The eagle tells me "Do Not fear the journey ahead. The way of a true warrior is with the compassion and heart for people ..not with  coldness and distain. Many will gather and join and you will fight for a great time. Many will fall, but you will come to victory by the path of love"

then i woke up
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

On my motorcycle, I rode through an area just like that this afternoon. During the ride, an eagle flew above as I winded my way through the northern forests of Wisconsin. There are numerous lakes in the area with crystal blue waters visible from the road, and at one point, a wolf crossed the road ahead of me. Very eerie indeed.