I Had a Dream Influenced By An Ep Story

I was on EP last night til about 2am, as you do after you cross the 10pm threshold.  You know, you blink and suddenly an hour's gone by.  You blink again and you've left thirteen ridiculous comments saying how someone's avatar is SOOO COOOL and sent friend requests to everyone who shares your experience "I Breathe Air".  If this has never happened to you, you're one of the lucky ones.

I came close.

I was tangled up in EP before I shut off the beast and crawled into bed.  Heaps of internet must've been still whirring around in that slumbering head of mine, cause it would help to explain the odd EP-like dream I had.


It had come to my attention that 'The Abortion Clinic' would be a really good name for a medical clinic.  Abortion's were set to be on the rise, and a generic and easy-to-remember name like The Abortion Clinic would make a great name for any little clinic that ever thought it might offer abortions.  So I trademarked the name.  I didn't own an abortion clinic or anything, but with great foresight I bought the name and then had it embroidered all flourishy-like onto the back of a couple of medical coats.  The font was reminiscent of those retro baseball jackets, except this said The Abortion Clinic.

Then I had to be at an undisclosed location really quickly, so I found myself rushing along some railway tracks, taking a shortcut to somewhere. (The tracks I was on reminded me a lot of the way I used to walk to school along the railway tracks back home when I was running late, so always.)  So there I was in my white lab-looking coat with its fancy abortion script running along the railway tracks.  At this point a gang of misunderstood youth came and threw stones at me, because of my abortiony jacket.  Big stones that they picked up off the railway track.  I was stoned and bruised.  I think I passed out then or something, cause the next thing I knew I was in someone's car (the police?) being handed over to my parents (who seemed to be together).  They seemed pretty stunned.  "We didn't know you ran an abortion clinic," said Mum.  "I don't." I explained to the shocked parking lot of onlookers.  "I think abortions should be rare and safe.  I'm pro-choice and anti-abortion.  I think kids should be educated about sex and have access to birthcontrol so they can have safe sex.  If an unplanned pregnancy occurs I think guiding the mother through it into an agreed adoption is a preferable way to go about it, and abortions have consequences but should be there as an option."

I think I then paraphrased the greater part of VendattA12's Pro-Choice, Anti-Abortion story to my dream audience as they stared at me with their mouths agape.  I remember the dream people were pretty polarised by it.

Then I woke up.

Right before I went off to sleep I had read VendettA12's Pro-Choice, Anti-Abortion story. I'm sorry, it won't let me de-italicise that.

In case you need to go read the story that made me have this dream I'll find it for you quickly and put a link here so you won't have to search.


Apologies, Vendetta, I'll try having an original dream one day.

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I like your dream and the sharing of it as influenced by a story you just read. I see this was written a long time ago but I just joined this group and decided to read a random story. Glad I did this was great. I have had similar experiences.

They'll Kingstone you when you're walking on the railroad..

I can't Belize you, Vendetta! You Guatemala nerve!

Thanks for Jamaican that clear.

i know, that's why i had to clarify which 'ja' i intended<br />

Ja, I know jajaja. When I say it.. it tend to mean yeah. Like.. German. Hahaha. (It's a being in Germany thing)

jajaja (translation: spanish for hahaha)

Sure, why not.<br />
It probably means I got immaculately ;) pregnant and aborted in my sleep, ja?

This is good. I need to get my friend Myonis to take a look. She is the master dream interpreter. <br />
<br />
That is, if you want to know more...

Not bad, not bad at all.

i'm glad you decided to comment this story. never seen it before but it's easily in the 'top ten most hilarious stories i've read.' and it may be in the 'top three most outstanding dream stories i've ever heard.' coincidentally, you share position in the top 3 with an omg *terrifying* and bizarre dream, as told by Unoriginal

They'll stone you when you're wearing an abortion jacket..

This is absolutely fabulous. You should try reading a random story before you go to bed each night and share what comes of it with us. :D

I dream about your furniture.

I dream about your eyes.

lol, now I see how you could get that from my post. No, to my knowledge you are the only EP'er to be dreaming about my stories :)

Yes I know the speech! I know Martin Luther King Jr. Gah. I've just woken up see. I thought maybe MLK was another Ep member who had dreams inspired by your stories, who I wasn't on par with. This level I feel comfortable with not reaching though.

BV gave me a heads up. Apparently you're under surveillance. <br />
<br />
MLK=Martin Luther King Jr "I have a dream today...." <br />
<br />

Nightmares suck. Did you find this by yourself or were you directed here? And what or who is MLK?

No apologies needed! It's not the first time that I've been responsible for a young maiden's dream. <br><br />
<br><br />
It was a good dream. Not quite MLK level, but still a very good dream. <br><br />
<br><br />
I wish I could remember my dreams, I only remember nightmares.