Dreaming About My First Love

This is weird, but for the past couple of years I have been dreaming about my first love from way back in the early 90's. Usually it will be a nice meeting, wow how are you and all of that. Perhaps even a kiss or two, but nothing like OMG. Now I have not seen this man since around 1992 and we were together on and off for five years. I met him in high school in 84 and stayed with him on and off till around 89. Always kept in touch somehow until 92. I know he is married and has a couple of children, and I am happy for him. But it was last nights dream that was out of the ordinary. I was dressed up waiting at a very exclusive restaurant, and I was sad, but everyone said, even his mother, was dont worry he will be here. As other couples were dancing like a waltz, he comes up from behind and says "It took us 24 years and a class to find our way back to each other, will you marry me" Weird right? How is it that it was specific in so many years and a class...what does that mean. It felt really real, as real as the time when my step father came to my sleep to say goodbye after he passed away...I dont know, I am confused. I have to add, I am married too and have one child and two step children. Any help will be great...I am just freaking out a little, we are two worlds away, and yet I felt we were together, and I was never ever so happy since the day I gave birth to my daughter. Weird huh? hanks for your time.
coolchemistryteacher coolchemistryteacher
41-45, F
May 6, 2012