I Had A Lucid Dream About The Ranch

A couple night ago, I had a very lucid dream about My sissy ranch.. It was so real, that when I woke-up, it took Me several minutes before I realized it was all a dream...

It started with My winning the lotto for several million dollars.. Upon collecting the money, I set out to find My perfect ranch.. After a short search, I found exactly what I was looking for.. It consisted of several hundred acres complete with horse's, barns, stable and all equipment to keep the property maintained..  The main living quarter's consisted of a large log home with wrap around porch, large stone fireplace in the family room, pool, hot tub and detached servant quarters... It was all nestled in the mountains of Tennessee. Totally private and located far from friends and family who don't share My choice of lifestyle..

As some of you know, I'm a Mistress with a dream of owning a horse ranch staffed with a select group of submissive sissies.. In this particular dream, once the ranch was purchased and furnished to My liking, I contact all the sissies here on EP that have expressed an interest in living/serving on My ranch.  I told them all of My luck and offered them the opportunity to live their dream.. They were all instructed, that should they be interested, to submit a video, dressed in their favorite sissy outfits. They were also told to include a letter of application as to the position they wished to fill and why, in their opinion, I should choose them..  Being as the servant quarter's was presently only large enough to accommodate four that was the number of sissies I would be hiring..

Once I narrowed the prospects down to a half dozen or so, they were once again notified and reminded that they would be kept in chastity during their time of employment.. It's amazing how much more attentive and docile a sissy becomes once their play thing is locked a way for a period of time.. I figured this requirement would separate the "true" sissies from the wannabe's and it did, as a couple decided they were no longer interested.. That was fine with Me, as these were to be actual working positions, not some sort of sexual **** fantasy. After all, it's My dream, My ranch, My way or the highway...

Sissy move in day has finally arrived.. Each sissy had been provided precise instructions as to what to be wearing upon arrival, exact time to arrive, etc.  I had allowed ten minutes between their scheduled arrivals with the first to be at the house at precisely 1:00 pm.. They were told that for travel they were to wear their frilliest lingerie, chastity device locked into place and a necklace containing all keys to the device. Male clothing was allowed as outerwear. As the scheduled arrival time approached, I took a comfortable position in My upstairs office. From here, I could watch all inside and outside activity on several monitor's linked to security camera's... 

As I relax in My upstairs office, I see, via one of the monitors, a vehicle entering the long driveway leading to the house. I glance at the clock, it's 12:58, My first sissy is arriving.. I watch as the car pulls up and stops in front of the house.. The door opens and out steps a, from outward appearances, a neatly dressed mature male.. I grin to Myself because I know this outward appearance is hiding the sissy beneath.. As h/she looks around and takes in the view, he begins his final journey as a man. As he walks up on the porch and makes his/her way to the door, I have a better, close up, view being provided via the three security camera's watching the front entrance.. They can now see the note that I have left as their greeting. I'm sure they were expecting Me to be at the door to greet them..... It reads: Welcome to the ranch sissy.. Your new life begins here... Now, you'll notice to your left, in front of the swing, a metal foot locker. Step over to it, ***** down to your lingerie and place all male clothing neatly inside... Do it now!!!  As I continue to watch the monitor, they walk to the trunk, ***** as instructed, fold their male clothing and upon opening the locker, find another note.... I must say, they have good taste in lingerie, so frilly with lots of lace.... The second note says: This is your last chance to chicken out. If you wish to continue walk to the front door. Ring the door bell once, curtsy and let yourself in. Have a seat in the foyer for the others... Once inside, I have left another note stating that once all four sissies are present, they are to proceed straight down the hall and kneel down on the rug in front of the fireplace, facing my leather chair....

Once the last of My four sissies has arrived and followed instructions, I focus My attention to the monitor connected to the camera's in the family room where I have another sup rise waiting for them.. I'm still nowhere to be seen... But, instead, is another note place on the rug along with four pink blindfolds. The last note reads; place the blindfolds on and wait for My instructions... I'll join you momentarily... Mistress D..  I continue to watch, from the comfort of My office, as each follow My written instructions.. I can just imagine, how, at this point, their imagination must be running wild as they all eagerly await My arrival.... They all look so cute..

The time has come... Time for their long lived fantasy becomes reality..

I arise from My seated position in front of the monitor's and start towards the family room.. I'm insure they will be aware that I'm headed their direction as I put a little extra emphasis in My foot steps... As the sound of My heels make their distinctive sound as they meet the hardwood floor. With the sound radiating off the floor it's amplified as the sound bounce's of the log walls of the hallway leading to the family room. I'm sure My little sissies hearts are really starting to flutter now...  I pause at the balcony which overlooks the family room allowing Myself a direct view of four eager sissies, all kneeling and blindfolded... It's obvious they are nerves as they await My next instruction... lol.. I just love keeping them in suspense...  After as short moment of observation, I head down the stairway with the sound of My heels filling the room.. Once on the main floor, I proceed to stand directly in front of them to allow the aroma of My perfume to fill their sense's. Once I'm satisfied that I have their mental anguish at a peak, I take My seat on the large leather chair.. The leather makes a crackly sound so I have no doubt they know their Mistress has taken the throne...

I'm sure, as the seconds tick by, My sissies minds are filled with nervous anticipation but, I just can't resist taking a few more minutes to just sit back and check out their choice of lingerie.. With a smile on My face, I can't help to notice they have all followed My instructions to the letter, including a shinny necklace with the keys to their chastity device proudly dangling for all to see..

The moment has arrived, it's time for them to hear My voice for the first time since their arrival...

Good afternoon sissies and welcome to My ranch and the beginning of your new lives... Shortly, I will give you permission to remove your blindfolds, But, first, I am going to instruct you as to the sequence of events that you are all to follow as I call your name... Pay close attention as I expect each of you to follow them to the letter... Is that understood sissies?: In unison, I hear, Yes Mistress!!  Good..you'd better... Ok, when I call your name, you will rise, walk to directly infront of Me, curtsy and kneel down at My feet.. you will then bow down and place a kiss on each of My feet.. While still bowed down, you will ask permission to speak!! Once I have granted you that honor, this is what I expect to hear:  Mistress, may i please remove my necklace and present u with the keys to my manhood?  I no longer wish to be considered a man as i am, as of today, u'r sissy servant here to serve as You direct and to be used for Your amusement....  Can u sissies remember that??  Once again I hear a unified: Yes Mistress!!!  lol... sissies are so much fun.. 

It was at this point that I awoke from My dream.... But, I will keep the remainder to Myself as My curious little sissies have no need to know what's coming next... They just know that whatever I have in store for them, they're going to love... 

Mistress D

MistressD MistressD
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34 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I hope your dream comes trues one day - it is certainly one I'd love to be part of.

Mistress I need to be punished I got a huge erection reading this maybe I should be made to suck off the other sissies.

I have no words for this...I am interested in the sissy lifestyle, but I have 0 way to try it, and I doubt my bf would like that...Oh well, there goes my dreams of being a slave/sissy/pet

Wow. Just ...wow!

Best story i have read in ages!

ur not alone with that wish!!!

You're amazing. I do hope you get your ranch... and that I get to stay there!

Sounds as if miss pris has given a lot of thought to what she'd like to wear.. lol.. It's going to be so amusing to watch as u model u'r above mentioned outfit for Me and My guests entertainment.. lol..<br />
With u'r express interest in serving, I'm sure what's left of u'r deminished manhood will be totally eliminated.. grin

Ohhhh! Mistress D! curtsy, if this ever becomes reality! Oh my! There are going to be some very very happy and content sissies! Oh! to surrender what is left of my rapidly deteriorating manhood to a Mistress of Your caliber! Oh Mistress! You should maybe require all sissies wear a maxi pad in their panties as well because mine would be dripping! Oh, and I would hope You would approve of my lingerie, maybe some lacy black back-seam stockings with cute ilttle red satin bows adorning the tops of them, and for panties, I think red satin high cuts with black lace trim around the leg and waist openings, and some decorative black lace on the rear of my sissy bottom, and a pretty little black satin bow with ribbons hanging, holding prisoner my straining, dripping, sissy clittie in the chastity cage just behind it! Oh! and on top a black, lace stretch bra with falsies previously adhered to my satiny smooth skin and a lovely red camisole with lots of frilly black lace on the bodice and openings! Ohhhh! Mistress, to surrender my diminished manhood to You in this way! Oh! I sooo wish my dreams were as sweet as Yours! sweet feminine curtsy. miss pris

Naughty little sissy... Now, lick up u'r mess like all My other sissies do!!

large.. What position would u be interested in??

mistress I'd love to be one of your sissies but I'm also a baby so you could have me diapered the whole time also

Thanks, that is really sweet!!! Wouldn't it be great to have a place where all sissies could come and live the sissy life of their dreams??

Mistress, I have been buying more lotery tickets, just so I could buy the ranch for You. to double the chances of tis becoming a reality.

I have given the very idea some thought and I'm sort of leaning towards the B&B type arrangement. Naturally, all "sissy" guest would be required to submit the key to their chastity device at check-in.<br />
Thanks for the comment!!!

A very interesting and very alluring story Mistress D. <br />
<br />
Perhaps when your ranch is up and running you could expand it with a section of a few chalets for paying gusets. A bit like a dude ranch but instead of dudes you could have a fresh supply every weekend of subs and sissies willing to pay for your control and wisdom.

mistress D you've described my sissy dream come true!! I would be a perfectly behaved prissy sissy for you!!! yes, chastity is a must for a sub sissy like me... I would dress in my prettiest lingerie and sissy-dress for you and do whatever you say... i'm blushing and so embarrassed, but so excited!!

Oh, that's so sweet My little miss priss.... I have the feeling u'r ready to move-in.. hehe

I have been buying them every day! (giggle)

Thanks for the interest sissyNYC

I don't know about the rest of you gurls, but I think it's time to buy some Lotto tickets for Mistress D...

That could be very interesting.... Glad u liked the story..

If I win the million,I will buy the ranch and we can run it together,Master and mistress,ggod story or start!

u'r welcome prettiboi, My vision is having a place where boi's or sissies can come and be trained to live as the gurls they dream of being....

ohh Mistress D Your sissy ranch is so exciting to think about, thank You so much for sharing Your idea with us.

u'r such a good prissy sissy... hehe..<br />
<br />
Mistress D

Oh Mistress D you do tease us unmercifully! I know this little sissy-girl will be watching this story very carefully!! In the meantime I will keep powdering my nose and touching up my lipstick..<br />
Your sissy, prissy girly jennifer-girl

In due time My little prissy sissy, in due time... I know gurls like u are anxious and curious but the anticipation of the unknown will keep your sissy juice's flowing... lol... I just love to tease My sissies..<br />
<br />
Mistress D

Oh I think you know that I am totally prepared to surrender (submissively kisses your shoes). Isn't it typical that silly sissies like me just can't wait (giggle)! Eagerly awaiting your story........<br />
lipstick kisses and a curtsy from your sissy, prissy jennifer

I can sense your anticipation sissy jennifer but you know that good things come to those who wait!! I'm getting close to finishing the story to the point where My dream ended that night... But who is to say where that dream ended, another can't begin... Only time will tell... So just be perpared for total surrender My little prissy sissy... hehe<br />
<br />
Mistress D

Oh I can imagine the smell of your perfume and the anticipation of your voice! I hope that you will like may lingerie and I am securely locked up Mistress D!! Oh please more!!!<br />
Curtsy, your prissy, sissy jennifer

:-) It's going to be a suprise but I know u'r going to love it... lol<br />
<br />
Mistress D

Oh I would happily put my pink blindfold on and await your instructions. Oh what are you going to have us do (shiver).<br />
curtsy, sissy jennifer

Ahhhh, sissy jesse, the ultimate surrender..... I wouldn't ask u the throw away the keys... I already have a place in mind for them.... Once I finish the above story, u'll know My plan... I think u'll really love the idea... lol...<br />
<br />
Mistress D

Oh MistressD- what a wonderful dream! I think it is only fair to require your sissies to be in chastity. As the Mistress, you would certainly decide the dress, make-up, hairstyles, and duties of all your prissy little sissies! Oh please continue and tell us about move-in day!