Oh To Be Mistress D's Prissy Sissy On Her Ranch!!

What a wonderful dream! I could imagine Mistress D having unlimited financial resources to create her sissy ranch. I could only dream to be one of the four lucky sissies who was fortunate enough to obtain a position as one of the indoor prissy sissy girls who would serve Mistress D 24/7. I am certain that the rules for dress, decorum, make-up would be fair but strict. Chastity always encourages silly sissies to behave more appropriately and submissively, always thinking about being a better girl than about our sissy clitties . I can only imagine how beautiful the sissy uniforms would be for these lucky girlies! While you may be relaxing in jeans and your boots, the sissy maids would always have to be shaved, powdered, perfumed and in our prettiest dresses and heels. Stockings and garters (with corsets of course) would be required so that the chastity devices could be easily inspected if necessary. Make-up and perfume would be re-applied as necessary which would necessitate each girl carrying a small bag with compact, hairbrush, lipstick, blush, perfume, Tampons etc. Oh, I have gone on too long - I can be such a silly sissy sometimes Well enough for now, but thank you for sharing your dream Mistress D!

 Lipstick kisses and curtsy :kiss

sissy jennifer

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10 Responses Feb 21, 2010

sissy denise,<br />
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W/we've had O/our discussions about the ranch and u know My requirements.. I'm sure u and sissy jennifer would make really nice maids... u know, a Mistress can't have too many sissies..

Thank You Mistress D- You know i have a true DESIRE to serve there (blush). Submissive curtsy, Your widdle sissy jennifer

Oh, sissy jennifer I know well of u'r true Desire to serve on the ranch and as I've told u, u have a position waiting if allowed by Mistress Amy....

It seems like i just wrote this story yesterday Mistress D and it still makes me dream of "What could be"- i adore You my Goddess! You have done so much to help me find my true path to submission and femininity- i am ever Your submissive widdle girlie-girl Mistress D! Delicate, submissive curtsy, sissy jennifer

(Blush) I will be such a very good girly-girl for You Mistress D- I promise!!<br />
Curtsy, sissy jennifer

I do have My ways of dealing with misbehaving sissies... I so enjoy turning a creamy white sissy *** into a bright red.. lol...

Of course we would have to behave ourselves (giggle)- Mistress D is VERY strict about Her girls misbehaving! (curtsy) sissy jennifer

Oh Mistress D's dream is so exciting! If only.....

Yes but a BEAUTIFUL dream! I will be wearing my prettiest nightie tonight hoping to have a very pleasant, girly dream (giggle).

...how PLAYFUL!<br />