Last Night.....

Well this is a new dream, just last night/this has bugged me ALL day. I don't dream that often but when I do they are very real, infact you will get an example of that with the dream I am about to tell you well as having a few dreams of mine come TRUE I also tend to interact in my dreams...control them at times...I don't know how but I know I am dreaming and it still feels like I am right there and it is real....

So anyway last night I dreamt that I was pregnant, in the dream it seemed like I was going to get an abortion, maybe I knew I was going to lose it not real sure this long after the dream! Well In the dream I could FEEL the baby moving in me, it traveled over to the real physical feeling of something moving in me like a baby...something I know well from my first child who is now 3. Not far into the dream I was in the bathroom on the toilet, just sitting there. Then (this part is fuzzy) somehow I pull the baby out of my body thru my mouth! this is in my point of veiw so I really con't see how exactly I do it but I know that is how it comes out. The baby is premature, but old enough to look like a baby just with a large head, it isn't ugly or anything, in fact kind of pleasing to see...if it wasn't for the sac with a little fluid in it still around the baby. The baby breathes for just a few seconds before dying...I wake up.

It is all very strange to me, It was SO real, I was aware I was dreaming but couldn't stop anything from happening. I would like to know if this means anything at all....I am disturbed by it a bit...was much more graphic then I can even begin to describe here. I am not pregnant, no way I can be at this time, nothing big is going on in my life right now...wasn't thinking of anything before I passed out last night that would have even brought that on. I am not ready for more children, other then that I am pretty much content in my whats with the dream!!!!

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you have dreams like I have sometimes