Past Dreams That Came True.

I don't dream often but when I do I tell you that I am on the look out...something ALWAYS happens that I can tell you I dreamt least if it is a huge life changeing event or something serious. I also tend to remember having a dream about something later a painting I was just doing took me back to a dream of painting that same portrait, thank goodness I told my husband about the dream I had because he remembered me telling him...i didn't feel so crazy then! HA HA

Experience #1

A long while back I had a dream about my parents (I was like 14-15 then I am 24 now) sitting at a stop light on this one intersection, I knew the intersection well, regonised the building and surroundings.  A red car (parents in a van) came raceing thru the intersection smashing into my parents van....pushing them on to the curb...I woke up. The next day my parents basically described an event that had happened that was pretty much my dream....except they never got hit, the RED car at the SAME intersection went on the curb missing them by inches.

Experience #2:

I used to drive a Buick Skylark, 2nd hand bought from an old lady. My now husband then boyfriend lived about 25-30 minutes from my house and I would drive out there to see him and vise versa, so it was not a surprise when I had a dream of driving down the highway on my way to his house! What was a weird part of the dream was my not having control over the car, it never left my lane but was swerving back and forth. I managed to get onto a exit ramp and into a  blue gas station...but not before hitting a police car sitting under a construction arrow (like the ones telling you to get over lane closed). Well my dream pretty much just repeted the hitting the cop part and going to the gas staion after that until I woke up.

About a week or two after having this dream i was in my buick on my way to see my boyfriend, my car started acting funny...well making a funny sound and pretty much barely making it to the next exit...where my car died for good (a rod in the engine had broken) I sat for 2 hours waiting for the waiting a cop stopped to ask if I needed help, I learned later that there was construction not far down the highway from where I stopped, and the kicker....there was a blue gas station (a marathon I think) less then a mile from where I broke down.  Imay have never hit the cop, or made it to the gas station....but talk about creepy!

Experience #3:

This one is weird as well....I had it while pregnant, the events that followed did not happen until a year after i gave birth.

In the dream My husband and I were on a farm, not typical farm, but none the less...chicken coop type thing and shabby looking house big open feild with trees in the distance.

Out side we were watching the sky when without warning a tornado, that I only KNEW was there I never actually seen it in the dream, hit. I hid under the chicken coop and my husband hid somewhere else....after the tornado passed we came out, but hubby went looking in the woods for his cat that had disappeared into the storm....later when my hubby reemerged he was different, he had the personality of his cat....I don't like cats, but I love him so I stayed with him, put up with it.

For the reality of it...... A year or so after I had my son we ment someone that totally changed us, our relationship everything....and not really for the better. That person lived in a semi beat up tripple wide trailer, on a HUGE area of land, woods in the distance, and a chicken/turkey coop turned into a bunny hold....looked EXACTLY like what I had seen in the dream. The only thing was, the tornado I never seen coming...wasn't a tornado in real was a person who changed my husband and how I seen him.

There are a few more but they are rather insignificant parts of my life....well minus the one about my husband.... who I dreamt about LONG before I ever met him....and I dreamt of our wedding day...but I will save the whole thing for another post and may share some more....for now I am off here.

Happy dreams!

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Yeah, definitely write them down, helps recall, and dreams are always interesting to re-read a few years later.

I probably do have many more that I don't remember ever having, but I am a light sleeper so I really don't think I dream that often. <br />
The one about my husband into the cat personality is actually one that has a HUGE story related to it..most of my vivid dreams though are just weird, insignificant parts of my life...a lot of them come back to me like de' ja vu (sp?) that is why it is important to me to at least tell my husband about it or write them down....they my be insignificant but I think that it is amazing that I dream about it before it ever becomes part of the works in my life, telling someone about them makes me not feel like a nut...they at least can say that I "knew" it before it happened. The one about the cat actually woke me in tears...I shed a lot of tears after when the "event" happened.<br />
The cryptic parts of them sometimes are what makes them hard to get anything out of until something happens....most of the time the setting is right but the symbolism/metaphores in them have to be thought about....again why I like to get them out and on paper. <br />
Thanks for the comment =)

Nice dreams(as in nice and cryptic), I'm sure you have more that you are not recalling every night. My favourite is the husband into a cat one, I think there's a story in that.