That Dream....

That dream about the baby is still haunting me....but here is why, my Great Granny is in the hospital, she went in yesterday. They don't know what is going on just yet with her. She went about a week ago to the doctor for a bladder infection but isn't getting any better so she went to the ER where they spent hours waiting on a room so she could be admitted into the hospital. My Granny is in her mid-upper 80's so this is no surprise. I would like to say that I am feeling horrible, that I am devastated that she is so sick...but I can't say that. Sure I feel sympathetic about it, but it might as well be a stranger, may sound mean but you would have to know the relationship we have/lack....... Which brings me back to my dream.

I am sure that the baby in the dream was sick in some way, otherwise I would never think of abortion! But the thing that gets me the most bout it is that in the dream I pulled the baby out of my mouth and there wasn't really any fluids in the the sac....there should have this is what I am thinking....

The baby represented my granny, she is the founder/started my mothers side of the family that I have known. The mostly empty amniotic(sp?) sac was a sign of sickness. The baby dies shortly after I pulled it out.....dying of sickness. In the dream I didn't feel sad, I didn't feel much of any emotion in the dream....normally I would wake up crying at a death of a baby....but if this was a representation of my granny in primal form signifing her death I would NOT be feeling much of anything! It makes sense...but who knows maybe I am just streatching for an answer to my dream....still it is bugging me to no end.

Even my Mother in Law understood why I was keeping my son home this past weekend after hearing about the dream I had...and just in general knowing me. What scares me is that Death seems to be the only definate thing ....the thing I continued to think about long after the dream ended..,..which makes me believe that someone close, either physically or emotionally, will not be alive much longer....and trust me there are a few in my family that will not. That said Maybe the dream just indicated that it was going to happen sooner rather then later...We have been expecting to get a call saying my Grandpa, who I love very much, is gone....he has been sick for years...on the verge of death. I think the only thing keeping him is that he just isn't ready to grandma is working herself sick taking care of won't be much longer..but then there is also my granny who just yesterday...after having the in the hospital no one knowing what is up just yet....thing with that is husbands grandpa died in a hospital from a sickness and no one could figure out what it was....granted he was there for a week or so before hand, but you can't diagnose death as a sickness and I really think that is what it was...he was just ready to go.

I am clueless right now really, there are so many possibilities and so much change going on in my life..for all I know the baby represented the death of my youthful emotions and life ways! WHO KNOWs! It is such a vauge dream...not like many others I have had that I can directly figure out that "OH THATS what that meant!" ...kind of like the dream about my car out of control....I could pinpoint real life things in the dream and more then a few of them....this dream though....just confusing, though I do feel like I am on the right thought line with one of my grandparents passing away....but oh well I am not a psychic or anything so probably it was nothing but a dream...

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Sounds like the result of a general uneasiness. You pulled the baby from your mouth, could it represent some part of your psyche that has been present since you were young and that you now need to leave behind? Perhaps with all the illness you have been considering losing both your grandmother and grandfather, the baby is that part of you that still needs them (Speculation) and you are pulling that childish remainder out, and letting it die as it is meant to do, killing a portion of the remaining childhood innocence.