Weirdest And Scariest Dream I've Ever Had!!!

I had this dream last night. I was in this old abandoned warehouse in the middle of no where that was adjacent to a lake or bay of some sort. I saw my brother and his family in a room of this warehouse. His fiance was lying on the floor crying next to their daughter who was too young to know anything was wrong. He was like I'd never seen him before...almost like an evil being had just consumed him. His eyes were incredibly dark and he never said a word. He had a can of lighter fluid in his hand and he doused them in it. He then turned and walked downstairs and out of this warehouse leaving a trail of lighter fluid behind him. He walked to the water. I watched him the entire time. I hurredly told his family to leave immediately and get outside far away and to run for help. He proceeded to walk into the water just knee deep then climbed onto this wooden raft and stood up. He doused himself in the remainder of the lighter fluid. At this point I was outside about twenty feet away telling him that whatever was happening it'd be okay, just come in from the water. Without saying a word he took a lighter out of his pocket (one of the ones that stays lit)lit it and threw it on the trail of lighter fluid that led back to the warehouse. He then lit another one and then dropped it where he stood. I turned away. His family was okay. I woke up. Someone please telk me what this dream means, it's been freaking me out all day!!!
Momentzbefore Momentzbefore
22-25, F
Sep 3, 2012