Combat Dreams Of Someone Who Did Not Serve In The Military.

I have been having a recurring dream which has been happening for the last few months one to two nights a week. In these dreams I am leading a group of people; they are always the same people, into combat against the military. Some people that I have talked to about my dreams tell me that I need to find out what I am in conflict with internally. I am not fighting against anyone I know and none of the fighting is in a work place environment that I can remember. After the dreams started I changed to a much better and higher paying job. I have no problems with my in-laws or anyone at work. I have no actual military experience but I have had survival training and have been taught a few things by members of my family that were in the military.

In my dreams I remember watching a family dragged from their home for being “traitors” and then their home and possession are burned down by a soldier with a flamethrower. I remember being beaten during “questioning” about the activities of someone, I don’t remember who.

The group I lead has rescued strangers from the military and police. We have protected groups of refugees from attacks and we have attacked military installations, check points and conveys.

The locations are identical but not the same. The city fighting involves different locations and different buildings and it is the same for the fighting in the woods different locations and topography. The only thing that the dreams have in common is the base camp we use; it will remain the same for a few dreams and then change then remain the same for a few dreams and then change again like we are on the move trying not to stay in one spot to long.

Some of the dreams are sharp and clear and I actually woke up looking for the equipment I had in the dream while others have the feeling of déjà vu and some I can tell that I was having a nightmare about combat but I cannot remember any details. In my dreams I have been shot, cut and fought hand to hand. I have woken up to find the parts of my body that were injured in my dream to be sore. I remember tasting mud in my mouth after diving in a ditch. I remember the smell burnt meat and gunpowder, smoke from fires.

The one personal note I can remember is that I am older and greyer than I am now.
Lightsider Lightsider
46-50, M
Sep 5, 2012