Conversations With The Dead

For as long as I can remember the dead have spoken with me in dreams. It is said that all you need to do is be open to them and I have always been willing to lift the veil to see what else was out there. My father died of a gunshot wound when I was 9yrs old and the following year my mother died of a heroin overdose. So I guess I've always had a pretty unique relationship with the dead, I was always trying to reach out to them. Somehow neither of them ever came through but someone must have left the gate open because every other dead person did, and boy did they have a story to tell.

I used to be afraid to tell people because I thought they would think I was crazy or delusional. They would tell me things like, there's life over here and its a beautiful place and they were not in pain anymore. Once in a dream I walked into what appeared to be a hospital and all the people I saw were people that I knew who had died. I saw my grandmother, Tupac, my best friend and many people and they were happy all sitting around laughing and joking with each other. Then suddenly they all got up and formed a line waiting for what I couldn't tell. As I got older the dead would give me messages to give to the living.

One night as I lay in bed looking at the ceiling, Suddenly I felt very sleepy so I drifted off. I awoke in the dream and found myself standing in someones kitchen there were two little kids sitting at a table wearing the little pointy birthday hats, then I was drawn to the woman standing at the kitchen counter stirring what appeared to be cake batter. The odd thing was that they seemed to be preparing for a celebration yet they all looked very sad. I stood there trying to figure out why I was there. Out of nowhere a man jumped in front of me, our noses practically touching and said tell my family to celebrate my birthday anyway. I stood there puzzled. He said go ahead tell them, so I did. Then suddenly he and I were walking together and he went on to explain to me that he had recently died of aids and his family was very sad about his passing.

About fifteen years ago a dear friend of my adoptive parents, son went missing for several days and everyone was very worried about him, My mother stopped by my house and informed me that "Rocky" was missing and that the entire community was praying for his safe return. I assured her, that I too would pray for Rocky. He and I were around the same age and he often gave awesome reggae concerts that I enjoyed attending. That same night they announced on the news that he was missing and they were searching for him. I began thinking about him very intensely.

That night I dreamed of him and in the dream he showed me a ship that he had built of plants. And although it was beautifully crafted, I didn't understand why he was showing me this. The following night he came to me again in a dream this time showing me several paintings of doorways and the ship again. I would wake up in the middle of the night trying to figure it out what he wanted me to know, so I called my mother and told her that I kept having dreams of Rocky but did not understand what he was trying to show me. I asked her if she thought it was a good idea to tell his father but she said no. It was a terrible time for the family and it might cause more confusion so I said nothing.

The next day I was standing in the kitchen, preparing dinner and I heard on the television, channel 2 news announce that the body of Ross Ford Jr. had been found in a remote wooded area of the Cherry hill shipyard. I was floored and I began to weep I was inconsolable. I called my mother and she said I was about to call you. How sad I thought and he was trying to help me locate his body. I have learned through my many interactions with the dead that they are very much alive just not in ways we recognize as" living". I hope this story helps someone that may be struggling with the loss of a love one. Namaste...
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I actually use a medium and I know for a fact that she is not fake. I trust this woman with my life and she knows things that nobody but me and the dead know !!!

I dreamt about my Dad (for the first time since he passed 10 months ago now.....) last week. In the dream we were happy and he was not sick ...nor had he come back from anywhere to deliver a was business as usual and we were out and about doing what we used to do. While it is sad to think about this (only cause I miss him) .. the dream was very happy and normal....and it was as if nothing happened. When I woke I was so happy to have had the time (even if it were only in my mind) with him.

l too have these kind of dreams mine are always warnings from late loved ones of things that are or about to happen. When l 'died' before l came back 'unwillingly though l knew l had to' l discovered that 'telepathy was my mode of communication' and all was known of me!.

That dream was a lovely blessing for you gentleman friend. l have had two telepathic communications that 'shook me to the core' in my life.